december 2015 budget

I can’t believe it’s 2016! Before I forget all about December and all of its shenanigans, I want to share my monthly budget. December’s money is generally spent on buying gifts for friends and family, donations, and if you’re me, gifts for yourself.

Here’s what I got:

December's budget included clothes and jewelry


  1. Gap open cardigan sweater $10, on sale at Gap
  2. Zella tee $32, Nordstrom
  3. Anthropologie red top $3.39, thrifted
  4. Cabi top $3.39, thrifted
  5. Free people top $3.39, thrifted
  6. Halogen polka dot button down $3.39, thrifted
  7. Lands End packable primloft jacket $17 (not pictured) , ebay
  8. Beija flor Nicole skinny jeans, gift from mom [check them out here]
  9. LOFT bird print top $3 after coupon from Clothes Mentor
  10. Silver seasons necklace earrings set – $0 consignment credit
  11. Designer lookalike 925 silver cable bracelet $30 from my favorite consignment store
  12. Weiss Christmas tree pin, $15 from antique store (not pictured)
  13. Vintage wreathe pin, $2 antique store (not pictured)

Total spent this month: $122.56

Okay, so not the $100 or less I was hoping to spend this month (especially after last month’s debacle) but I guess it could have been worse. I also got 2 early birthday gifts, the Beija Flor jeans from my mom and a new (used) laptop that the Hubs built for me. He’s the sweetest. So now I have a great laptop to blog on!

Well, friends. It’s time to wrap this up, wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and ask YOU to spill the beans…how did you do this month?


As always, linking up with Franish and the budgeting bloggers gang.


5 thoughts on “december 2015 budget

    1. Happy new year, friend:) I’m always trying to get rid of things as I buy new things. My old house just doesn’t have the dream walk-in closet to hold all my pretties, so every few months I take stuff to either donate or consign. 🙂

  1. LOL. Actually, I don’t think I bought any clothing in December (shock!)? It was crazy though.

    I did, however, splurge on make-up. So there’s that to contend with.

    Also, after my “no buy” year – I had a bit of a splurge, and since then haven’t been keeping track. 😛

    Good on you for sticking closely to your budget! 😀

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