A confession + what’s on my wishlist

This past weekend I completed a serious and much-needed clean-out of my closets and dressers. The reason as to why I did this now is something I need to confess: I had so many things crammed into my the tiny closet in my 1960’s ill-insulated ranch home that several of the garments grew mold. Yup, that’s right, my clothes grew mold! So let that be a warning to all of you – do not cram stuff into your closets! Let your clothes have some breathing.

This big clean-out got me thinking. I now know exactly what I have and what I need. And I’m making an official list of items that I actually need. That way, you (my friends and readers and fellow bloggers) can help keep me on track. Sorry to put so much pressure on you like that but I’m giving you permission to shame me for not keeping to my clothing budget.

Let’s start with tops. I now have a good amount of jeans, dresses, and skirts. What I don’t have a lot of are work-appropriate blouses, like these. I think I should be able to get a nice blouse for $50 or less.

Lush 'Perfect' Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic - Nordstrom
Lush ‘Perfect’ Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic – Picture courtesy of Nordstrom / Shop here

I’ve always wondered about the Express Portofino blouses. I have friends that have them and they look great but I haven’t tried one on for myself.

Express Portofino Polka Dot Blouse
Express Portofino Polka Dot Blouse / Shop here

I also could use a nice, comfortable pair of flats. I have a few plastic flats which are perfect for wearing in the rain but my black leather flats are not very comfortable and getting a bit old. I want something quality so I’m willing to save up for something in the $100 range. Here are some that I’ve had my eyes on:

Cole Haan Manhattan Bow Ballet Flats Black

What I DON’T NEED but have a problem controlling myself around: purses, boots, jackets, jewelry, hats, jeans, and dresses.

Now I need your help, friends! If you have suggestions for good work blouses (size XL) and good quality leather flats, please share the links below!

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17 thoughts on “A confession + what’s on my wishlist

    1. They can sadly, especially in the super humid climate here in NC. It’s happened before to leather shoes but never to my clothes. I am still trying to find a dry cleaners that will clean my blazer 😦 my regular place refused to do it

  1. Moldy clothes?! Yikes…it’s good to know that that can actually happen, but it’s terrible that it happened to you 😦 Good for you for making a list of what you actually need! I’ve done the same thing since I moved into my apartment. I’ll never need another dress for the rest of my life haha but I am in dire need of work pants and work shirts.

    As far as work shirts go, I’m not a button down fan in general but I do like the popover flowy blouses like the first one you showed. I’ve had luck at Clothes Mentor, Kohl’s, LOFT and Poshmark (lots of NWT shirts)! I’m on the hunt for a good leather pair of nude flats for the spring/summer and I have yet to find anything. The black ones you showed are too cute! I’ve contemplated some Frye flats that I’ve had my eye on on eBay, so we’ll see. Fantastic post!

    ❤ Justine

    1. Yeah it was a serious bummer and I’m still trying to find a new dry cleaner that can clean my favorite blazer because it’s a nice one and I’m not willing to throw it out. I actually went to clothes mentor a couple of times in the past few weeks! they had so many cute things but no tops in my size that I liked. I need to check out Kohls though, it’s been a while. and LOFT too. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 Oooo frye flats sound really nice and ebay is a great place to find stuff for a great price! xo

  2. Mold?! Yikes! That’s concerning, especially since my closet is packed to capacity and I cannot slide the hangers a millimeter. Maybe I need to list my old spring styles to Poshmark sooner than I expected!

    I think it’s smart to make a list of wardrobe items you desperately need so you get what you need rather than buying a “want” impulsively. I did this last year and sought out blush pumps. It took me a couple of months, but I was able to find the perfect pair and put my budget towards that.

    And when it comes to quality, leather flats – do you find they’re worth it? I go through flats so quickly that I always buy them cheap. But maybe that’s why I go through them so quickly. Is a $100 pair of flats really that much better than a $25 pair? I’d love to know your thoughts!

    ❤ Liz

    1. I would definitely be careful, especially since you live in the humid south (like me).

      As for quality shoes, I just can’t do the lower quality stuff. The exception is a pair of Mel by Melissa plastic flats that I got on sale for about $25 that I wear in the rain and they’re wonderful!

      I’ve bought everything from $20 shoes to $200 shoes and I feel like there’s a point at which the quality levels off (for example, I’m not sure that $400 shoes are better than $200 shoes) but generally, I get way way way more wear out of quality leather shoes than faux leather or fabric. I have wide feet also, and I find that quality leather adapts to the shape of my foot much better than faux materials.

      That being said you don’t have to break the bank. Consignment stores often have great quality items for a fraction of the price (and ThredUp, too!). I have a pair of used cole haan flats that are probably my FAVORITE flats ever. They cost $4 at goodwill and were already worn when I bought them. Well I can get 2-3 years of wear out of them because they’re made out of quality leather and have a good rubber sole. I just can’t say the same for shoes from Target or Payless. My Payless shoes had to be thrown out after a season, and they looked so ratty and were coming apart pretty much everywhere. Quality leather shoes can have the leather rejuvenated with shoe polish and they can be re-heeled until they die completely or until you get tired of them. That’s my 2 cents. 🙂

  3. I have been de-cluttering my closets like crazy but still have a long way to go. The seasons seem to come and go so quickly that I end up wearing basically the same few pieces and the others just hang in the closet waiting to be worn!

    1. Me too, Antionette. I haven’t actually read Marie Kondo’s book about de-cluttering but I know she says that you should donate anything that doesn’t bring you joy. And when I was going through a lot of my closet items I realized most of them don’t bring me joy and that’s why I never wear them and just wear the same things over and over (the things that do bring me joy). I want to read her book but in the meantime, I hope the things you keep are the ones that bring you joy! xo Nout

  4. Sorry to hear about the misfortune with your clothes. I live in a really dry climate so I’ve never had that problem or even new it existed. On a good note you can replace your old clothes with new ones 🙂

    Love those flats you’ve shown! Are they Cole Hann? They remind me of the Ferragamo Varina flats or the Tory Burch Sedgewick flats.

    Hope you are having a great day 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Bri! The joys of living in a humid climate mean at any time, your stuff could be getting moldy plus your hair is almost always frizzy, LOL! I am donating and consigning a huge trunk-ful of stuff and I feel pretty good about it and I’m only replacing a few things.Those are in fact Cole Haan flats. I have an old pair of Cole Haan flats (peep-toes) that I absolutely love and I was hoping to replace them with another similar pair. Will definitely need to check out the Tory Burch Sedgewick flats. I’ve tried ferragamo flats and have not been able to find any to work with my wide feet.


      1. Donating clothes and helping others is very admirable, I’m sure those that benefit from your generosity are grateful. 🙂 The Cole Haan flats are very cute. I love cute flats. I’m a HUGE Tory Burch fan but I’ve never tried a pair of the TB Sedgewick flats. The Sedgewicks are very similar to my TB Caroline flats which I LOVE. Have you seen my collection of Caroline’s? https://davisbe.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/dsc04235.jpg

        Hope your day is great 😊

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