what i bought this month {january budget)

I can’t even believe that tomorrow is February first. January was a fun month. First there was new year’s, we’re all getting back to work after the holidays, then there was my birthday (I turned 31 and so far, it’s definitely better than 30), then we got a snow storm thing, and now the weather is getting warmer and it’s time to get ready for spring.

A few weeks ago, as you probably read on my blog, I had a mold incident that pushed me to do a serious clean-out of my main closet (don’t judge me, I live in an old house so I have to use multiple closets all around the house). I’m glad that I did, because I need more space (in general) and I needed some extra space for my new things.

Here’s what I got this month:
January 2016 budget - what I bought this month

  1. Brooks Brothers Supima cotton five-pocket jeans, $62 on sale (plus $15 for tailoring)
  2. Bill Murray xmas tee $2, thrifted (I can’t wait to wear this next christmas!)
  3. L.L.bean outdoors shirt $2, thrifted
  4. Banana Republic blue v-neck tee $1.50, thrifted
  5. Adidas cropped pants $2, thrifted
  6. Cats sleep tee $2.50, thrifted
  7. Hobo bag – $24, Clothes mentor (minus a few things that I sold)
  8. Hobo bag – $40, Consignment store (minus a discount and a credit from selling stuff)
  9. Adidas Supergirl Tukana jacket (gift from hubby)

Total = $151 … okay so a bit over my budget but not too bad considering it was my birthday month and all.

Oh and by the way, I’ve decided to nix the monthly budget of $100 in favor of a quarterly budget of $375. Which means I’ve got $224 left for the quarter.

Now it’s your turn – how did you do this month?

As always, I’m linking up with Franish.


9 thoughts on “what i bought this month {january budget)

      1. No, I don’t post them anywhere. They’ll eventually make their way into my etsy shop, that is if I decide not to keep them. lol.

  1. Supima cotton jeans?? I bet those are nice! Great thrifted finds this month. You scored some major deals!

  2. Hi Nout,
    I love the t-shirt of Bill Murray and the Adidas Tukana jacket (great gift from your hubby), really nice purchase and it wonderful that you pamper yourself in your month !
    Happy birthday and thanks for sharing !

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