my favorite sweater has a cat on it {workwear wednesday}

Sweaters are an article of clothing that I like to wear all winter (and by the way, winters in NC are super short) because come spring and summer, even a light cardigan can feel too heavy.

Here’s one of my favorite sweaters. It’s got a cat with glasses on it (and sparkles too) so naturally, it’s my favorite. Full disclosure, though, this is an old picture as I’ve had a very busy week and didn’t get a chance to take new outfit pics. I promise that I did wear the sweater to work a few weeks ago.

kitty cat sweater kitty sweater

Another exciting announcement for the workwear wednesday crew: we’ve added a new member! Go check out Delightfully, Kristi to see Kristi’s workwear wednesday outfit. And don’t forget to check out Justine’s #workwearwednesday OOTD too!


Outfit details:
Sweater: Kitty with glasses sweater, from ideel several years ago
Shirt: Chambray button-down, thrifted
Leggings: Zara, old
Boots: Lucchese, old
Necklace: from mom
Bag: vintage Coach, thrifted


13 thoughts on “my favorite sweater has a cat on it {workwear wednesday}

  1. Ahhh that sweater is SO cute!! I have a fox sweater that I love, but your cat sweater totally takes the cake! The glasses and sparkles are just too cute! So excited for more Workwear Wednesdays!! 🙂

  2. Oh, Nout. I knew you would have some ridiculously adorable quirky sweater today. You did not disappoint 🙂 You just know exactly how to put together an outfit, girlfriend!

    ❤ Justine

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