workwear wednesday: 6 workwear rules to follow

workwear wednesday 6 workwear rules to follow
Hi friends, for this week’s Workwear Wednesday, we’re showing off 6 workwear “rules” that are fun guidelines to use when building your business casual wardrobe. I work in an office, so business casual makes sense. But of course your “workwear” needs will differ based on your job…here are some of our favorite examples.

Dressed-Up Denim.

I’m a huge fan of jeans; they’re easy to dress up or dress down. A great pair of jeans can easily transform from daytime workwear chic to evening ensemble. I like to pair my favorite skinnies with a nice blouse, blazer, and heels.

The truth is I wear jeans to work almost every day and I never feel like I wear the same thing twice (hah!). The versatility and comfort factor of jeans make them some of my favorite work wardrobe staples.
workwear wednesday - 6 workwear rules - dressed up denim workwear wednesday - 6 workwear rules - dressed up denimworkwear wednesday - 6 workwear rules - dressed up denim

Outfit details:
My favorite jeans: Beija Flor Nicole Skinnies {find them here}
Top: Banana Republic Bird Print Popover Blouse on sale {find it here}
Jacket: Chaus Blazer, old from Nordstrom {similar here}
Bag: Dooney & Bourke satchel, old {similar Dooney Pebble Grain Satchel here}
Necklace: Groopdealz, old
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman kitten heels, thrifted {similar here}

An Investment Bag.

I think every woman should have at least one really great bag. If you’re a purse addict like me, you may have 10 to 50 great bags. I have a lot of purses, most of them thrifted, but some of them were bags I had to save up for. I think that there’s nothing wrong with saving up for a really great bag that will last you for years to come, in fact, I recommend it.

The type of bag you get will vary depending on your needs, your likes, your style, etc. What I’ve been using lately is a Dooney satchel that I’ve had for about 5 years. It’s the perfect size to carry all my stuff (minus my laptop and work notebook, those have their own bags) while at the same time the shape and color look professional. I really like satchels with a detachable shoulder strap because they allow me to grab the handles and go or throw it over my shoulder to keep both hands free.

workwear wednesday - 6 workwear rules - an investment bag workwear wednesday - 6 workwear rules - an investment bag workwear wednesday - 6 workwear rules - an investment bag

Outfit details:
Bag: Dooney & Bourke satchel, old {similar Dooney Pebble Grain Satchel here}
Top: Sejour blouse, thrifted {similar option here}
Jacket: The Limited white blazer, old {similar option here}
Pants: Beija Flor Nicole Skinny Jeans {find them here}
Shoes: Corso Como wedges, thrifted {similar option here}
Necklace: hand-me-down

Dressed-up denim and an investment bag are my 2 “rules” for Workwear Wednesday, but there are 4 more you can’t miss! Go visit Justine’s blog and Kristi’s blog for their rules!


10 thoughts on “workwear wednesday: 6 workwear rules to follow

  1. I remember when I was teaching and lived for jean day Friday! We still had to dress them up like you’ve done in your first look, but it was liberating to wear jeans instead of dress pants or pencil skirts. And an investment bag was one of the first things I bought for my teacher wardrobe when I graduated from college. It immediately made me feel more grown up and professional. Yours is a classic, and I love that color for a handbag. It goes with most everything!

    ❤ Liz

    1. I am so lucky that I work in a casual office where I can wear jeans or t-shirts. I love wearing jeans. I am slightly/completely obsessed with purses and have a pretty sizable collection (mostly thrifted). I definitely feel like a grown up when I’m wearing a nice, classic purse.

  2. OMG Nout both of your outfits are SO cute!! I especially love that bird print blouse in the first outfit! And your jeans are perfect for work – I need to find a good, dressier pair, though I’ve been getting by with some high waist skinnies haha! I could also use a nice tote style or at least bigger staple purse… Since I prefer crossbody bags, I haven’t found a good one for work yet. 😦
    Great tips and a great post!! 🙂

    1. ugh, how did I miss this comment?! Thanks, Kristi! I am a big fan of denim and am a proponent of finding the perfect jeans that fit really well, look super chic, and make you feel great – even if they’re pricey that’ll be worth it. It’s tough finding a bigger bag that works (I’m also a huge fan of crossbody bags) so I tend to go for bags that can provide at least two types of straps. xoxo

  3. You hit this one out of the park, Nout! I wish I could wear jeans more to work but sadly those are reserved for Fridays. You totally rock the ones you’re wearing, though! The bird shirt is absolutely adorable! And that Dooney bag…LOVE. It is so beautiful and so classic and I’m sure you’ll love it for years to come. I agree with investment bags, too. I wrote a couple weeks ago about buying the Madewell Transport Tote but it just wasn’t for me (I need a crossbody strap for reals) so I actually found a gorgeous Frye bag on Poshmark and fingers crossed that that one will be a keeper 🙂

    Fantastic job on this post!

    1. I lost this comment apparently! Thanks, Justine! I would be sad if I could only wear jeans on Fridays. I work at a tech company and everyone dresses very casually so I guess I can’t complain! I hope your Frye bag ended up working. I agree that crossbody straps are a MUST. xoxox

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