happy st. patrick’s day {kinda workwear wednesday}

Can I be perfectly honest? I’m not really all that into St. Patrick’s day. Not for any specific reason, but I live in the south and we sort of celebrate the day, but not the extent that they do up north. Also, I have zero Irish heritage so it’s not something that my family was into. I don’t drink green beer and wouldn’t know where to buy green bagels around here.

When I went through my closet to find something green to wear, I found practically nothing. Of all my clothes, I have 2 green t-shirts and that’s it! I got rid of practically all my other green clothes (not on purpose). And super casual t-shirts aren’t exactly the perfect Workwear Wednesday features but this outfit did work for going out to dinner with my family.

st. patrick's day casual outfit

In the interest of making this an actual work outfit, here’s something that I wore a while ago that has some green in it:henkaa convertible dress ask skirt for fall

Do you wear green for St. Patty’s day? How do you incorporate green into a work outfit?

Don’t forget to check out Justine’s and Kristi’s takes on St. Patrick’s day workwear wednesday outfits!

A quick note: This March marks Sandpaper Kisses Blog’s 5 year anniversary! This is pretty amazing for me and I want to thank all of you bloggy friends and readers for following along.


Outfit details:
Top: C&C California tee, thrifted
Tank: Yummie Tummie tank, old from Nordstrom Rack
Pants: Levi’s jeans, thrifted
Shoes: Cole Haan flats, thrifted
Bag: Rough & Tumble

Top: The Limited, old
Skirt: This is actually Henkaa Sakura convertible dress worn as a skirt
Jacket: Gap denim jacket
Shoes: Cowboy boots, gift from mom
Necklace: local artisan
Bag: vintage Coach, thrifted


14 thoughts on “happy st. patrick’s day {kinda workwear wednesday}

  1. First of all, CONGRATS ON 5 YEARS!!!!! That is so flipping exciting. I love your blog so much and it’s so fun to go along with you on this journey! I love you in green! I remember the second outfit with the convertible dress worn as a skirt…one of my favs!

  2. Hi Nout,
    Congrats for your first 5 years !! I love your blog cause it’s always original and fresh and always with cute outfits. I Love both outfits, green is a nice color for spring and summer or just to dress casual, I only have one polo shirt in olive green.Have a nice day !

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