that’s a wrap {workwear wednesday}

I absolutely love wrap dresses. Way back in the day (or probably just a few years ago), I had a lot of wrap dresses. I’d say I wore them to work at least once per week. Wrap dresses offer a classic, professional, and flattering silhouette for us curvy gals.

This specific dress I’ve had for almost 10 years (WHOA). I just recently had it dry-cleaned and thought I’d break it out to wear to work.

molly new york wrap dress, sofft breeze sandals

molly new york wrap dress, sofft breeze sandals

What do you think of wrap dresses? Do you wear them?

This post is one week late because last week I was on vacation/visiting my mom (pix coming soon). Last week, both Justine and Kristi posted their wrappy favorites so you should go check them out!
Outfit details:
Dress: Molly New York, so old
Shoes: Sofft Breeze, gift from mom
Tank: old
Necklace: Tiffany, gift


2 thoughts on “that’s a wrap {workwear wednesday}

  1. I love wrap dresses too but I’ve had to relegate some of mine for the moment. Most still fit even though I’m pregnant but they’re not so good for containing my bust.

  2. I also love wrap dresses and just got a new printed one from Kiyonna. I can’t wait to style and feature it on the blog! They have a similar style to the one you’re wearing here in the same exact shade of blue. I’ve been considering it for awhile, but I couldn’t think how to style it besides with black. I love that you’ve styled yours with bronze-browns. It’s an unexpected choice that lends a lot of warmth to the look.

    This dress is gorgeous on your figure, and I can see why you’ve held onto it for 10 years. Got to love special pieces like this that stand the test of time!

    ❤ Liz

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