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what I just bought from ModCloth

I’m a huge fan of cute prints (cats, bunnies, foxes, etc) and that’s one of the reasons that I like browsing at ModCloth–they have the cutest prints. Last month was my one year anniversary at work and as a gift, I was given a ModCloth gift card. Well last night I went for it and placed my order and I’m really excited to receive it. I really hope the skirt and top fit well and look good. Proper fit is definitely something that I struggle with when I order online.

Here’s what I ordered:
Going, going swan skirt (swans riding bicycles? OMG)
Going, Going, Swan Skirt

Purr-suit of happiness tee (Pusheen + donuts, OMG)
The Purr-suit of Happiness Tee

It was really hard to only get these 2 things because there were so many other cute clothes and accessories that I was drooling over. Here are a few other items that I was considering but didn’t get due to them not being in stock, not having my size, or due to price.

Going, Going, Swan Coat in Pink

Cats Rule Everything Around Me Dress

Fun for the Books Skirt

Good Mews Travels Fast Dress

See? All adorable prints with a heavy emphasis on cats (no surprise there).

Do you like ModCloth? What do you think of the items I ordered?


If you like any of these cute pieces and you’re considering buying, ModCloth has a new customer offer where you can get 20% off $100+ when you sign up on the ModCloth site. Plus you also get free shipping if your order is over $75. By the way, this post uses affiliate links to help me make a little extra money here and there. 


black and white {workwear wednesday}

The combination of black and white is one of my favorite. There’s a stark contrast and it’s a chic and timeless combination that you can easily kick up a notch or two by adding a bright color like pink or red. I went for a little bit of my favorite print also–polka dots. And I’m trying to get a little bit more wear out of my leather jacket too, because it’s getting warmer by the minute. Today it made it to about 88 degrees, definitely not leather jacket weather.

LOFT Dotted plaid utility blouse, NYDJ pants, J crew flats, and Halogen leather jacket LOFT Dotted plaid utility blouse, NYDJ pants, J crew flats LOFT Dotted plaid utility blouse, NYDJ pants, J crew flats
Also, meet Laffy the black and white tuxedo cat…because he matched the theme of course.

Don’t forget to head on over to Justine’s blog The Thrifty Girl’s Guide for more black and white workwear wednesday outfits 😛

Do you like black and white? How do you wear the combination?


Outfit Deets:
Top: LOFT dotted plaid utility blouse, on sale at LOFT {find here}
Pants: NYDJ skinnies, thrifted
Jacket: Halogen leather jacket, on sale at Nordstrom {similar here}
Shoes: J. Crew Cece ballet flats, consignment find {same but different color here}

shades of blue {workwear wednesday}

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a good week so far. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for sure. In fact, I didn’t get a chance to take new outfit photos this week. But that’s okay because I have a lot of old outfit options to choose from!

My favorite color is blue. Pretty much any shade of blue. Here are some oldies but goodies that show blue dresses, pants, tops, and sweaters. It’s such a versatile color that looks good on any skin tone. From navy to cerulean to aqua, your options for blue are almost endless. And if your workplace is on the conservative side, a blue suit would make a sweeeet #workwearwednesday option. I also wear a lot of denim, which is also…you guessed it…blue.

I guess you can say that blue is the new black because it’s just as classic and versatile as black but just a wee bit more fun.

What do you think? Do you like wearing blue to work? What are your favorite colors for work outfits?

Check out Justine at the Thrifty Girl’s Guide and Kristi at Delightfully Kristi to see their favorite colors, too!

march 2016 budget

It’s that time of the month again, friends. Time to come clean about what I bought this month. I don’t know why, but I’ve been really feeling lace-y flow-y outer-garments this month. I also did some shopping in California while I was on vacation visiting my mom.

March 2016 fashion budget

Here’s what I got:

1) Bionica Sirus wedges, local boutique in Bakersfield, CA – $130 {exact shoes here}
2) Johnny Was open front lace cardigan / flowy crochet jacket, local boutique  – $100 on sale {similar here}
3) Lost River Clothing Company Popcorn Poncho, local boutique – $30 {exact here}
4) Kate Spade striped bow top, consignment credit
5) Banana Republic contrast tie-front blouse – on sale for $27 {exact here}
6) Banana Republic bird print popover blouse – on sale for $20 {exact is sold out but here’s a similar one}
7) Ethyl lace embroidered poncho top, local boutique – $50 {exact here}

Yikes. I’m scared to even tally all this up!

Now, I had $91 left over for the quarter, plus I had a check for $175 for selling stuff at the consignment shop…plus I have more money in my account that I can take out to pay for all of this stuff.

Total is $357 minus $91 minus $175 and that leaves me with $91 over budget. I can use up $91 of my consignment credit and so I come in without having gone over budget. I know it’s a little bit of fuzzy math but I guess it works because I am selling stuff consistently at the consignment store. But HOLY MOLY did I spend a lot this month.

This month, I start with another $375 to spend for the quarter. And I think I’ve got enough tops and work pants but I’m looking for a nice maxi dress, maxi skirt, and I never did find my ballet flats.

Now it’s your turn to spill the beans: how did YOU do this month?

As always, I’m linking up with Franish.