what I just bought from ModCloth

I’m a huge fan of cute prints (cats, bunnies, foxes, etc) and that’s one of the reasons that I like browsing at ModCloth–they have the cutest prints. Last month was my one year anniversary at work and as a gift, I was given a ModCloth gift card. Well last night I went for it and placed my order and I’m really excited to receive it. I really hope the skirt and top fit well and look good. Proper fit is definitely something that I struggle with when I order online.

Here’s what I ordered:
Going, going swan skirt (swans riding bicycles? OMG)
Going, Going, Swan Skirt

Purr-suit of happiness tee (Pusheen + donuts, OMG)
The Purr-suit of Happiness Tee

It was really hard to only get these 2 things because there were so many other cute clothes and accessories that I was drooling over. Here are a few other items that I was considering but didn’t get due to them not being in stock, not having my size, or due to price.

Going, Going, Swan Coat in Pink

Cats Rule Everything Around Me Dress

Fun for the Books Skirt

Good Mews Travels Fast Dress

See? All adorable prints with a heavy emphasis on cats (no surprise there).

Do you like ModCloth? What do you think of the items I ordered?


If you like any of these cute pieces and you’re considering buying, ModCloth has a new customer offer where you can get 20% off $100+ when you sign up on the ModCloth site. Plus you also get free shipping if your order is over $75. By the way, this post uses affiliate links to help me make a little extra money here and there. 


6 thoughts on “what I just bought from ModCloth

  1. ModCloth definition wins for cute prints! They always have stuff that makes me want to spend all my money haha!! I applaud your restraint! 😉

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