july 2016 budget (and a bit about june, too)

As always, I’m going to begin my budget post by saying wow, another month gone and boy, does time fly fast. I’m also going to admit that I missed posting my June budget and therefore I’m going to include a little bit about that later in the post.

July was a busy month for me. The only shopping I did was when we were on vacation in Toronto. That’s why the budget kind of went out the window =/. Shopping while on vacation is fun until you get home and add all your receipts up, after which you weep for your bank account and consider getting a second job.

Here’s what I bought this month:
Henkaa Ivy Black Dress Henkaa Hana Chiffon Overlay in Dove Grey Toronto Blue Jays Hats

  1. Henkaa Ivy Convertible Dress [black color, maxi length]
  2. Henkaa Hana Chiffon Overlay [dove grey, maxi length] to wear over my various Henkaa dresses.

=Both for about $128 after sale

  1. New Era Toronto Blue Jays Visor – $25
  2. New Era Toronto Blue Jays hat – $25

Total = $178

Not great. But, I’ll try to be better in August because y’all…June was even worse. Much much worse.

Here’s a breakdown of June. I’m a little ashamed to share this, y’all. And I’m not including a picture of all the things because I’m lazy.

SAS shoemakers pampa fantasia sandals

  1. NYDJ pardon my french blouse, $15 from ebay
  2. Zella sports bra, $38 from Nordstrom
  3. Joggers from Costco, $10
  4. Icantoo top
  5. Jams World top
  6. Reversible dress
  7. Jams World cardigan
    =$30 after consignment credit
  8. Melissa shoes, $33 from Poshmark
  9. SAS shoemakers Pampa sandals, $165
  10. NYDJ shorts, $28 from Amazon
  11. Durham Bulls baseball hat $25
  12. Cut Loose top $70

TOTAL for June was $414. Oh my gawd let’s forget this ever happened and never speak of it again, okay?


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