my worst purchases of 2016

#1:  Brooks Brothers Supima cotton five-pocket jeans, $62 on sale (plus $15 for tailoring) – no longer avail.

I was really excited about these made in the USA jeans. When they arrived I tried them on immediately and they fit well. After wearing once, they got so loose, they almost fell off. Additionally, the indigo dye got over everything. It was super annoying (even though we expect at least a little bit of this). I took them into Brooks Brothers for tailoring, figuring out that they know their products best so they’d tailor them nicely. Well, they did a bad job tailoring (the tailor never even took measurements or made markings on the fabric and the actual sewing is SO messy, as if done my a small child), even though taking in the waist isn’t that difficult. So much so that when I picked up the jeans, the waist was sooo small.

Verdict: I’ve lost a few pounds so the waist fits well and I’m keeping them but I still regret spending $77 on the jeans. I will not be buying Brooks Brothers jeans or using their tailoring services again.

vintage Doncaster blazer, Halogen polka dot shirt, Brooks Brothers jeans, Frye Jackie Rivet short boots

#2: GAP denim jeggings, $13.57 from ThredUp

These pants were a hot mess from the get-go. They were loose and sloppy-looking even though they were new. I washed them over and over again but couldn’t stop the dye from getting all over EVERYTHING, including my hands, shoes, and tops. After wearing them for an hour or two, they became baggy and loose. I’m glad I only paid $13ish for these jeggings because if I had paid the full GAP price, I would have been mad. These pants made me really rethink buying GAP jeans because the quality was so bad.

Verdict: I ended up donating them.

GAP jeggings / image from ThredUp
Photo courtesy of ThredUp

#3: LOFT Dotted Plaid Utility Blouse, $46 – no longer avail.

I loved the print and look of this shirt but it never really fit me well. I was clearly between two sizes. Because of my slightly chubby arms, I had to size up even though my waist is a bit on the slimmer side. So that means it was super loose in the waist area and the sleeves were too long – it just looked not great. I can’t really believe I spent $46 on this shirt. It’s okay but it’s definitely not worth that much.

Verdict: Now that I’ve lost weight the shirt actually looks comically large on me. I plan on consigning it, because I only wore it maybe twice and it’s a nice shirt.

LOFT Dotted Plaid Utility Blouse
Photo courtesy of LOFT

#4: NYDJ Briella Roll-Cuff Jean Short, $28 (on sale at Amazon)

I had such high hopes for these shorts. When I first put them on, they felt really good and looked really good. However, after a few hours on, they got so loose. Then after wearing them once, the stitching on the pockets began to unravel. Everything about these shorts screams “meh” and the quality is not at all what I would expect from NYDJ. I needed them for a trip this summer so I just kept them and wore them all summer (saggy butt and all) but I doubt they still fit now. Also I was disappointed that they’re made in China and not in the US like many of NYDJ’s other products. Thumbs down.

Verdict: I’ll try them again in the spring and see if they’re worth fixing up (I still really like how high-waisted they are). Maybe for $15 I can get them hemmed and get the waist taken in. If not then they will be donated and I won’t be buying any more of the NYDJ not made in the USA stuff.

photo courtesy of Amazon


What do you think? Do you have any regrettable purchases from the last year? Tell us about them in the comments?


2 thoughts on “my worst purchases of 2016

  1. Yes, sometimes there are major disappointments with purchases. I have found many of the dies in clothes, especially jeans seem to run and fade onto other clothes. If possible always wash before wearing. I bought a tunic this past Summer and it ran all over my other clothes, bra and all. i also had a pair of jeans the stretched out wearing for a short time and I had to keep pulling them up. It has to be some of the fabrics/ fabric blends they are using.

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