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april 2017 budget

Y’all, I can’t even believe that tomorrow is May! I’ve been saying “it’s gonna be May” in my best Justin Timeberlake voice all day and I’m not ashamed.

Here’s what I bought this month, it’s not that much honestly. I ran into this cute flow-y polka dot dress at a local boutique and I just couldn’t leave without it. It had the trifecta: polka dot, comfort, and even a flower!

As for the necklace, Dansko boots, and Dankso sandals, I picked those up at my favorite local consignment store and because I had a decent credit from consigning clothes, I didn’t pay a thing 🙂

Polka dot rayon dress, Dansko Jacinda, Dansko boots, sterling necklace

1. Kiki (made in Indonesia) polka dot rayon dress, $65 from local boutique
2. Dansko boots, consignment credit
3. Dansko Jacinda sandals, consignment credit
4. Opal (lab? not sure) and sterling necklace, consignment credit

TOTAL = $65

Quarterly budget (April – June) of $375 – $54 = $310 left for May and June.

How did you do this month?

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workwear wednesday: keyhole dress

I’ve had this dress for several years and I love it. I was incredibly pleased when I found it at a thrift store for less than $5 (you know how expensive Boden is!). The triple keyhole neckline is one of my favorite details.

boden keyhole dress, dansko jacinda boden keyhole dress, dansko jacinda

There’s really not much else to say about this dress, haha. Here’s what’s been going on in my life this week:

  • Work is crazy.crazy.crazy.busy
  • Hit up an estate sale last weekend and got some vintage goodies for my collection!
  • Getting ready to set up at a flea market this weekend
  • Not much else
  • My mom has gone back home to Bakersfield for a week

Alright, y’all that’s it for me but you don’t want to miss what Justine is wearing for Workwear Wednesday!


Outfit details:
Dress: Boden, thrifted
Shoes: Dansko Jacinda, consignment store via credit
Necklace: Tiffany & co, consignment store via credit

lazy chic {workwear wednesday}

This outfit is what I call ‘lazy chic’. Lazy because when I woke up to go to work early this morning, I just wanted something quick and easy to throw on that still made me feel professional and put-together. Sleek black maxi dress plus my tried and true J. Crew field jacket FTW!

What’s happened in the last few weeks:

  • Mom is doing her weekly infusions; she’s having some reactions but seems to be alright.
  • I went to Vegas last week for my first ever marketing conference. I got to spend time with one of my best friends, ate lots of amazing food, and learned a lot. But I was so ready to come home. Vegas is overwhelming!
  • Wes took down our ailing back deck (it was a big one) due to the termite infestation {don’t even get me started}. I’m looking forward to having a nice patio and maybe even a screened-in porch.
  • Spring is everywhere! Our azaleas are blooming and they are so beautiful, I wanted to include them in my pictures.

If you like Workwear Wednesday, head on over to Justine’s blog to see what’s she’s wearing this week.

misook maxi dress, j crew field jacket, melissa shoes

misook maxi dress, j crew field jacket, melissa shoes

misook maxi dress, j crew field jacket, melissa shoes

What about y’all? What is your go-to “lazy chic” outfit?
Outfit deets:
Dress: Misook, consignment
Jacket: J. Crew Field Jacket, thrifted
Necklace: thrifted Mignon Faget belt buckle that I turned into a necklace
Shoes: Melissa, ebay

march 2017 budget

March was a good time to thrift some sweaters, and I was able to pick up some really cute ones, wore them a few times, then put them away for the summer. I also picked up 2 really cute pairs of shoes; I think they’re my favorite finds this month.

Here’s what I got in March:

march 2017 budget

J Crew dress, $10 from Clothes Mentor
Holly Aiken wallet, $10 from Clothes Mentor {probably going to give this to a friend}
Holly Aiken wristlet, $10 from Clothes Mentor
Express leather belt, $1.39 thrifted
Johnnie b doggy cardigan for kids, $4.59 thrifted
Talbots heart sweater, $5 thrifted
Madewell neon sweater, $4.59 thrifted
Wallace heart sweater, $4.59 thrifted (not pictured)
J Crew factory purple cardigan, $4.59 thrifted
Leota dress, $15 after coupon
Arche shoes, $0 after consignment credit
Banana Republic bi-stretch angle seam dress (new), $50 after discounts and gift cards {exact}
Kate Spade wallet, $40 from local thrift boutique (BNIB)
Marc by Marc Jacobs top $6 from Clothes Mentor
Banana Republic black slacks, $3.59 thrifted
Gap jeans, $3.59 thrifted (not pictured)
Dansko Demetra in Black Milled Nubuck

Dansko Demetra in Black Milled Nubuck, $65 (mom paid the rest)

TOTAL = $237.93

Well, not the best but I guess not the worst. I did get lots of cute stuff 🙂

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