april 2017 budget

Y’all, I can’t even believe that tomorrow is May! I’ve been saying “it’s gonna be May” in my best Justin Timeberlake voice all day and I’m not ashamed.

Here’s what I bought this month, it’s not that much honestly. I ran into this cute flow-y polka dot dress at a local boutique and I just couldn’t leave without it. It had the trifecta: polka dot, comfort, and even a flower!

As for the necklace, Dansko boots, and Dankso sandals, I picked those up at my favorite local consignment store and because I had a decent credit from consigning clothes, I didn’t pay a thing 🙂

Polka dot rayon dress, Dansko Jacinda, Dansko boots, sterling necklace

1. Kiki (made in Indonesia) polka dot rayon dress, $65 from local boutique
2. Dansko boots, consignment credit
3. Dansko Jacinda sandals, consignment credit
4. Opal (lab? not sure) and sterling necklace, consignment credit

TOTAL = $65

Quarterly budget (April – June) of $375 – $54 = $310 left for May and June.

How did you do this month?

As always, linking up with Franish!


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