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march 2017 budget

March was a good time to thrift some sweaters, and I was able to pick up some really cute ones, wore them a few times, then put them away for the summer. I also picked up 2 really cute pairs of shoes; I think they’re my favorite finds this month.

Here’s what I got in March:

march 2017 budget

J Crew dress, $10 from Clothes Mentor
Holly Aiken wallet, $10 from Clothes Mentor {probably going to give this to a friend}
Holly Aiken wristlet, $10 from Clothes Mentor
Express leather belt, $1.39 thrifted
Johnnie b doggy cardigan for kids, $4.59 thrifted
Talbots heart sweater, $5 thrifted
Madewell neon sweater, $4.59 thrifted
Wallace heart sweater, $4.59 thrifted (not pictured)
J Crew factory purple cardigan, $4.59 thrifted
Leota dress, $15 after coupon
Arche shoes, $0 after consignment credit
Banana Republic bi-stretch angle seam dress (new), $50 after discounts and gift cards {exact}
Kate Spade wallet, $40 from local thrift boutique (BNIB)
Marc by Marc Jacobs top $6 from Clothes Mentor
Banana Republic black slacks, $3.59 thrifted
Gap jeans, $3.59 thrifted (not pictured)
Dansko Demetra in Black Milled Nubuck

Dansko Demetra in Black Milled Nubuck, $65 (mom paid the rest)

TOTAL = $237.93

Well, not the best but I guess not the worst. I did get lots of cute stuff ūüôā

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february 2016 budget

Y’all, I cannot keep track of these budget posts and am forever running behind!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve bought this month:

  1. Lularoe Nicole dress, red $4.59 thrifted
  2. Color by Amber (?) Bangle $1 thrifted
  3. Modcoth pink cirle skirt, $8.77 Thredup
  4. Leota sweetheart dress, $24.60 Thredup
  5. Comfy USA polka dot skirt, $14.40 Thredup
  6. Kenneth Cole New York blue leather jacket, $40 Thredup
  7. Tiffany necklace, consignment credit
  8. BCBG wrap dress, consignment credit
  9. Leota black dot dress, $15.40
  10. Express portofino blouse sleeveless / blue, $9.10
  11. Express portofino blouse sleeveless / stripe, $9.10
  12. Oofos Ooriginals comfort flip flops $40
  13. J Crew Long Downtown Field Jacket, $52 ebay
  14. Ann Taylor lace tee, $3 thrifted
  15. Coach bag $55
  16. Banana Republic striped ponte dress, $26 poshmark

TOTAL =¬†$302.96 … y’all, I totally blew though my budget. Ugh. Again. ¬†I think the stress of my mother’s illness and the new job is not helping, and I’ve been shopping more to cope. Honestly, I do not want to be spending this much! I’m going to try and do better in March. Wish me luck.

How did you do this month?

I missed out on the linkup with Franish, but you should go check out her February budget post anyway ūüôā

my extremely belated january 2016 budget

I know February’s more than halfway done and I’m just now getting to my January budget post. Y’all, it’s been crazy the past month. I started my new job (btw it is still crazy) which I love. Unfortunately mom has been ill and we just found out this week that her breast cancer is back. This has been quite the blow for my family, as my mom and I are very close.

Anyway, I don’t think you’d be surprised to hear that I just haven’t had the time or energy (or been in the mood) to blog. And I wasn’t even in the mood to take pictures of my purchases this month. This is a LAZY budget post.

But I just wanted to post my budget post to keep this habit going (one that I’ve kept up since 2013). Also, holy crap, I did a lot of thrifting last month:

Comptoir de cotonniers jacket 4.59
Yoana Barachi jacket 4.59
41hawthorn blouse 3.59
Banana Republic striped cardigan 4.59
Theory thermal top 3.59
French Connection green and white dress 4.59
Talbots lemon skirt 3.59
Timbuk2 bag 2.99
Boden shorts (2 pair) 4
Durham bulls tee 1.50
J crew button-down tunic 4
Brooks Brothers button down 2
Karen Kane maxi dress 3.50
Li’l Bub tee 2.25
Sympli dress 4.59
BCBG floral print dress 6
Oh my gauze top 3
Rough and Tumble small tote 5
St John skirt 3.79
Danskin bottoms 3.79
Llbean cropped sweatpants 2.79
Loft leggings 2.79
L.L.Bean denim blazer 4.59
J. Crew pink skirt 3.59
Michael Stars brown tee 3.59
Karen Kane black lace dress 4.59
St. John jacket $80 (consignment)
J. Crew factory pink cardigan $3.59
Kate spade polka dot wallet $13
Vionic Minna flats $70 – used $ from selling Frye boots
Madewell bag – used gift card at Clothes Mentor
Ted baker dress – used gift card at Clothes Mentor
Lands end dress – used gift card at Clothes Mentor
Lands end green cardigan $4.59
Karen Kane top 3.59
Kate Spade tank top 3.59
Eddie Bauer coat $13
Milly blouse $5
Socks $10 – used $ from selling boots
Express pineapple print portofino top $14 (Poshmark)
Adriano Goldschmied jeans $0 consignment credit
Longchamp wallet black $4
Longchamp wallet $4
Piazza Sempione dress $14
Caslon blazer $2
Mogo bracelet $2

Alright y’all don’t judge me…it was my birthday month

TOTAL: $263.84 … eeeeeeeeeeeeek

Y’all I went a bit overboard last month. But I got so many nice new work clothes so there, I’m justifying it!

my worst purchases of 2016

#1:  Brooks Brothers Supima cotton five-pocket jeans, $62 on sale (plus $15 for tailoring) Рno longer avail.

I was really excited about these made in the USA jeans. When they arrived I tried them on immediately and they fit well. After wearing once, they got so loose, they almost fell off. Additionally, the indigo dye got over everything. It was super annoying (even though we expect at least a little bit of this). I took them into Brooks Brothers for tailoring, figuring out that they know their products best so they’d tailor them nicely. Well, they did a bad job tailoring (the tailor never even took measurements or made markings on the fabric and the actual sewing is SO messy, as if done my a small child), even though taking in the waist isn’t that difficult. So much so that when I picked up the jeans, the waist was sooo small.

Verdict: I’ve lost a few pounds so the waist fits well and I’m keeping them but I still regret spending $77 on the jeans. I will not be buying Brooks Brothers jeans or using their tailoring services again.

vintage Doncaster blazer, Halogen polka dot shirt, Brooks Brothers jeans, Frye Jackie Rivet short boots

#2: GAP denim jeggings, $13.57 from ThredUp

These pants were a hot mess from the get-go. They were loose and sloppy-looking even though they were new. I washed them over and over again but couldn’t stop the dye from getting all over EVERYTHING, including my hands, shoes, and tops. After wearing them for an hour or two, they became baggy and loose. I’m glad I only paid $13ish for these jeggings because if I had paid the full GAP price, I would have been mad. These pants made me really rethink buying GAP jeans because the quality was so bad.

Verdict: I ended up donating them.

GAP jeggings / image from ThredUp
Photo courtesy of ThredUp

#3: LOFT Dotted Plaid Utility Blouse, $46 – no longer avail.

I loved the print and look of this shirt but it never really fit me well. I was clearly between two sizes. Because of my slightly chubby arms, I had to size up even though my waist is a bit on the slimmer side. So that means it was super loose in the waist area and the sleeves were too long – it just looked not great. I can’t really believe I spent $46 on this shirt. It’s okay¬†but it’s definitely not worth that much.

Verdict: Now that I’ve lost weight the shirt actually looks comically large on me. I plan on consigning it, because I only wore it maybe twice and it’s a nice shirt.

LOFT Dotted Plaid Utility Blouse
Photo courtesy of LOFT

#4: NYDJ Briella Roll-Cuff Jean Short, $28 (on sale at Amazon)

I had such high hopes for these shorts. When I first put them on, they felt really good and looked really good. However, after a few hours on, they got so loose. Then after wearing them once, the stitching on the pockets began to unravel. Everything about these shorts screams “meh” and the quality is not at all what I would expect from NYDJ. I needed them for a trip this summer so I just kept them and wore them all summer (saggy butt and all) but I doubt they still fit now. Also I was disappointed that they’re made in China and not in the US like many of NYDJ’s other products. Thumbs down.

Verdict: I’ll try them again in the spring and see if they’re worth fixing up (I still really like how high-waisted they are). Maybe for $15 I can get them hemmed and get the waist taken in. If not then they will be donated and I won’t be buying any more of the NYDJ not made in the USA stuff.

photo courtesy of Amazon


What do you think? Do you have any regrettable purchases from the last year? Tell us about them in the comments?

december 2016 budget

happy new year || december 2016 budet

Happy near year, friends! I know it’s super cliche by now, but’s.2017.already? Yep, this is goodbye to you, 2016, and good riddance. I hope y’all had a great holiday and new year! Here’s to hoping that 2017 brings happiness, peace, togetherness, and super amazing thrifted goodies.

December was a fun month. There was a lot of thrifting and a lot of shopping, both Christmas/holiday and otherwise.

december 2016 budget



Here’s what I got this month (the board above has most of what I got but there are a few items that are not exact) –¬†


  • Banana Republic pink skirt, $10 from ThredUp¬†{sign up and get $10 to shop}
  • Dansko clogs, $28 from ThredUp
  • Express Portofino shirt red & white anchors, $10 from ThredUp
  • J. Crew light blue cardigan, $2 from Salvation Army Store
  • Purple bolero cardigan, $2.50 from¬†Salvation Army Store
  • Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress, $25 Pennies for Change thrift store
  • Cat tote, $5 Pennies for Change thrift store
  • Brown belt, $4¬†Pennies for Change thrift store
  • Black belt, $5¬†Pennies for Change thrift store
  • Cole Haan¬†bow peep toe pumps, $11¬†Pennies for Change thrift store
  • Banana Republic black fit flare dress, $4.59 GCF store
  • Levi’s denim sleeveless shirt, $3.59¬†GCF store
  • Catherine Malandrino knit black dress, $4.59¬†GCF store
  • J. Crew downtown field jacket, $4.59¬†GCF store
  • ModCloth Fashionably Elate Top in burgundy, $3.59¬†GCF store
  • Talbots geometric print blouse, $3.59 GCF store
  • Athleta long-sleeve shirt, $3.59¬†GCF store {probably going to consign this one}
  • Express portofino shirt striped, $10 from
  • Express portofino shirt polka dot, $7 from
  • Banana Republic green skirt, $8¬†from
  • Deletta Caledonia dress, $18 from ebay


bixi awotan brown leather tote

  • Bixi Awotan Merida tote bag (made in Mexico), shown above! $125 from local craft market {find the black leather version on Etsy}
  • Brown & grey Hue brand tights, $7 each from¬†Nordstrom Rack

Drumroll, please….the total amount spent was…$312.63 (HOLY CRAP! EEEEK)


  • I returned that North Face rain jacket to REI for $80
  • I sold $125 worth of my personal stash of purses
  • My regular quarterly budget breaks down to $125 per month

So, after all that, I’ve got $18 left for the month.¬†Not bad? I guess. Not great, honestly.¬†

Now it’s your turn to spill the beans…how did you do in December?

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