Where I Shop

My favorite places to shop recently have been:

  • ThredUp – an online consignment store, basically. It’s a great place to find clothes, shoes, and handbags for work or for the weekend at REALLY good prices…click HERE to sign up and save $10 off your first order! I like finding jeans and tops on ThreadUp that I’ve had a hard time finding in thrift stores.
  • Thrift Stores – all of the thrift stores. All of the time. I am a thrifting addict!
  • Consignment Stores – your local consignment store is a great place to find clothes for work or for a special occasion – and there’s never a reason to pay retail prices!
  • Clothes Mentor – the ‘grown up’ older sister of Plato’s Closet, Clothes Mentor is also a great place to buy and sell newer clothes in great condition!




4 thoughts on “Where I Shop

    1. I prefer shopping online for shoes because I can get EXACTLY what I want. Yeah I’ve made some bad purchases (wrong size, uncomfortable, not what I expected, etc) but I still prefer online shopping:)

      1. When buying shoes this is what I do: I try the shoes in the store to know if they fit me well , if they are comfortable, and look nice on me, then I take a pic of the shoe’s box and at home or with my cell, I search at internet and try to find the best price on the web and then I got what I like. Hope it helps and have nice day !!

      2. Thanks for your tips, Ivan. I do like to try shoes on in the store, but sometimes I feel guilty purchasing them online after trying them in the store 🙂 I think that’s why stores like Zappos do so well, they have great customer service and you can return stuff easily – even if they don’t have the best price.

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