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pointy heels + cat necklace

I am usually scared of pointy heels. Until recently I have only glared at them in distrust and refused to wear them.

Why, you ask? Because I have big feet and am pathologically concerned with how large they look. I have avoided the extra room the pointy toe area add to my feet. But recently I have been seeing a lot more pointy pumps all over the blogosphere. I actually started to – GASP – like them.

Here I am wearing a pale yellow oxford button down shirt + my NEW AWESOME CAT NECKLACE + cropped pants + pointy toe pumps. I tucked in my shirt! I was comfortable but I felt grown up all of a sudden (except for the cat necklace, that was an homage to being a kid).

What about you…do you like pointy toe heels or do you prefer a rounded toe?


Outfit details:
Shirt: pale yellow oxford button down shirt, lands end canvas, old
Pants: Banana Republic cropped navy sateen pants, clearance from last season
Necklace: swinging cats necklace, 22 pounds from Red Brick North
Bag: Anne Klein black patent + zebra purse, thrifted $5?
Belt: thin pink belt, Charlotte Russe, old
Shoes: Cole Haan Air Miranda beige/nude patent pointy toe pumps, ebay $35

PS. sorry for the janky photos, the light was reflecting off the shirt and no amount of super amateur photoshopping seemed to help.


how I styled a denim shirt

I’ve been having a really bad hair day week. My hair is really curly and frizzy and the warmer weather + damaged ends + whatever = crazy mess.

In order to distract you, my readers, from my frizztastic hair, I decided to make some funny faces and poses in my OOTD photos.

Denim shirts are all the rage right now. I like how I styled this denim shirt, based on this post that I saw on the Loftiss Says blog. The whole idea was denim shirt + flowy skirt + statement necklace. I liked how it ended up. My coworkers told me I looked “springy” – that’s good I guess:)

There are so many other ways to style a denim or chambray shirt. How would YOU style a denim shirt? Leave your comments below…I love to see what suggestions you stylish folks out there have.



Outfit details:
Top: Faded Glory denim shirt, thrifted $2?
Skirt: Gap flowy cotton skirt, thrifted $3.59
Belt: white NY&co. elastic belt, old
Jewelry: bubble necklace, gifted
Bag: Anne Klein patent + zebra tote, thrifted $5
Shoes: Tahari Ray white sandals, consignment $18?

recently thrifted: velvet dress + coach bag

I guess my good thrifting luck hasn’t run out yet because I keep finding cute stuff. I picked up this elegant velvet j. crew dress last week and I wanted to go ahead and wear it before the weather started warming up (spring will be here soon!).

ALSO, I found this awesome Coach signature stripe crossbody / purse at Goodwill over the weekend. I’m sure I annoyed the lady working the counter because I kept trying to see if it was authentic. I Googled the serial number on my phone, image searched, etc. What helped the most was just calling the Coach customer service number. They were able to help me out by confirming that the serial number matched the bag style (although they said they do not authenticate over the phone). I also picked up a cute Coach mini wallet along with the bag for $15.

Check out my outfit:

Outfit details:
Dress: J. Crew purple/grey velvet dress, thrifted $4.59
Necklace: vintage brown and cream chunky beaded necklace, thrifted $2
Shoes: metallic Cole Haan croco peeptoe pumps, Poshmark, $30
Bag: Coach black signature stripe crossbody (can also be worn as a regular over the shoulder bag too), thrifted $24
+ Straightened my hair!

What about y’all…any cool thrifting finds lately?

recently thrifted: bags, bags, bags!

I have had REALLY great luck finding bags/purses at thriftshops this weekend and last. This weekend my friend Betsy invited me to go thrifting around Greensboro, NC and I had a blast! You’re not going to believe what I found (and how much I paid)!

here is my haul:

bags / purses
my thrifting haul (top L to R then bottom L to R): Anne Klein patent and zebra tote $4.50, Tignanello Beige leather handbag $4.50, Coach black all leather tote $4.50, vintage Dooney and Bourke black/brown mini satchel crossbody with matching wallet/organizer $35.00, black leather Ashley Brooke organizer crossbody $4.50, silver beaded vintage evening bag $2

I cannot believe I scored this awesome (and authentic, I may say) Coach tote for only $4.50! I really hit the jackpot! I added the polka dot ribbon bow for extra fun. It was in such amazing shape, all I did was use black shoe polish to polish the corners. The leather is so soft and supple. AND I had been looking for a black leather purse! It was kismet!

2013-02-03 20.06.09
This Ashley Brooke (sold at DSW I believe) crossbody has a lot of awesome compartments. I think this bag will be great for traveling.
2013-02-03 20.05.54
And last but not least is the AWESOME vintage Dooney & Bourke crossbody satchel and wallet set. It’s in great condition and that’s probably the reason I was willing to spend a little extra on it. I wouldn’t usually shell out this kind of money ($35) but I figured since it was in great vintage condition WITH the wallet/organizer and I had been wanting one for a few months, that it was worth it.
2013-02-03 20.04.50What do you think of my haul? Did you find any cool items this week while thrifting?

wishlist: Saddleback Leather Bag

The other day I had a realization that I did not own any black handbags. You know, the classic color, the color that goes with everything and never goes out of style. And I don’t have one. NOT ONE black handbag. I rummaged through a box of old handbags and found various items. Some old Dooney & Bourke bags that are too small for an adult to actually use, old shoulder bags from various far-away lands, and even a black laptop bag, but no black purses/handbags (and only 1 brown one, mind you). Sometimes I take a step back from my wardrobe and am a little shocked at the rainbow colors everywhere. Sigh.

A quick Google search for handmade leather goods (I wanted something crafted lovingly in a workshop NOT a sweatshop with the highest quality components and not necessarily a brand name) yielded these amazing and unique Saddleback Leather satchels and bags. Of course, when you buy a lovely crafted bag, it’s going to cost you more… and these babies are $389 for the small size. Yes, that’s a lot of money but keep in mind that these leather bags are made to last for life. They include a removable liner, straps as well as handles, interior pockets for you phone, and even a 100 year warranty. They are made in Mexico of quality US leather.

I REALLY love the Saddleback Leather Classic Tote in carbon black…

Saddleback Leather Classic Tote - black (small)
Saddleback Leather Classic Tote – carbon black (small)

But I’m also drooling over the tobacco brown color:

Saddleback Leather Tote - tobacco brown (small)
Saddleback Leather Women’s Tote – tobacco brown (small)

This is hilarious. According to Saddleback leather’s website, certain personalities match certain colors better. Here is the color that matches me best:

Chestnut Reddish Brown (Choleric or Melancholy)

  • Professional
  • Highly educated (does BA count?)
  • Belongs in a Mercedes Benz or Jaguar (I prefer a reliable Honda)
  • Classier than most (I like to think of myself that way at least, not sure if anyone else would agree :-P)
  • Perfectionist
  • Has excellent taste in dressing and decorating
  • Great sense of humor
  • Intellectual
  • Smokes a pipe instead of a cigarette (no, thanks)
  • Appreciates the finer things

and also… some aspects of:

Carbon Black (Phlegmatic or Choleric)

  • You look good in a thick black leather jacket
  • Rides a cruiser type motorcycle
  • Wear thick black framed glasses
  • Drives a Volvo or Saab
  • Perfectionist
  • They know your name at the coffee shop
  • Sci-Fi is your favorite genre
  • Are very interested in Oriental culture (I GUESS?)
  • Prefer cats over dogs (YES!)
  • Loves modern contemporary style square furniture

Thanks, Saddleback Leather, for making me laugh. You sure area a witty bunch! And I love your bags.

So, what do you think of these bags? Would you ever spend that much on a handbag or is that just ‘sartorial debauchery’ as I like to call it?