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march 2017 budget

March was a good time to thrift some sweaters, and I was able to pick up some really cute ones, wore them a few times, then put them away for the summer. I also picked up 2 really cute pairs of shoes; I think they’re my favorite finds this month.

Here’s what I got in March:

march 2017 budget

J Crew dress, $10 from Clothes Mentor
Holly Aiken wallet, $10 from Clothes Mentor {probably going to give this to a friend}
Holly Aiken wristlet, $10 from Clothes Mentor
Express leather belt, $1.39 thrifted
Johnnie b doggy cardigan for kids, $4.59 thrifted
Talbots heart sweater, $5 thrifted
Madewell neon sweater, $4.59 thrifted
Wallace heart sweater, $4.59 thrifted (not pictured)
J Crew factory purple cardigan, $4.59 thrifted
Leota dress, $15 after coupon
Arche shoes, $0 after consignment credit
Banana Republic bi-stretch angle seam dress (new), $50 after discounts and gift cards {exact}
Kate Spade wallet, $40 from local thrift boutique (BNIB)
Marc by Marc Jacobs top $6 from Clothes Mentor
Banana Republic black slacks, $3.59 thrifted
Gap jeans, $3.59 thrifted (not pictured)
Dansko Demetra in Black Milled Nubuck

Dansko Demetra in Black Milled Nubuck, $65 (mom paid the rest)

TOTAL = $237.93

Well, not the best but I guess not the worst. I did get lots of cute stuff ūüôā

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august 2016 budget

I know I’m going to sound like a broken record here but sheesh…this summer went by FAST. It was busy, steaming hot, and did I mention busy!? I am really excited that it’s September. That means fall is just around the corner.

Let’s take a look at my purchases for August, shall we?
August 2016 Budget
Melissa Petal - Pink Pearl -- Melissa Harmonic Sandals

  1. Lands End tote, thrifted $1.50
  2. Vintage Coach Willis purse, thrifted $1.75
  3. LOFT skirt, thrifted $3.60
  4. Misook black midi skirt, thrifted $4
  5. Vince Camuto peplum top, thrifted $3.60
  6. Cole Haan wedge pumps, thrifted $3.50
  7. Michael Stars blue cowl neck top, thrifted $4
  8. Max Studio geometric pattern blouse, thrifted $3.50
  9. LOFT cat print tee, thrifted $1.50
  10. Kitty print peter pan collar blouse, $13 at Ross
  11. Knox Rose flowy blouse, $11.50 at Target


  • Melissa Petal (in Pink Pearl) Dorsey shoes, from local boutique $30
  • Melissa Harmonic Sandals, from local boutique $20

Total ¬†= $101.45; not bad… that leaves $95.55 for September (my quarterly budget is $375).

Now it’s your turn to spill the beans…how did YOU do this month?

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may 2016 budget

Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost June already. I know I literally say this exact thing every month but it’s truly a shock how fast times goes by. Lately I’ve been obsessed with shopping ebay. I haven’t had the time or patience to do as much thrifting but I still have the thrift bug and with online marketplaces like ebay, thredup, etc. you can “thrift” (sort of?) without leaving your home.

Here’s what I got this month:May 2016 Budget

I quickly became obsessed with the Dansko Randa sandals when I saw it on a coworker. Even though I didn’t really need another sandal, I had to go for it and I’m glad I did. They’re super comfortable and add a bit of height without hurting my back.

Dansko Randa Sandal Tangerine

Top L to R:
1) Runaway Moogfest t-shirt, local boutique, $25
2) Brooks Brothers tie-neck blouse, thrifted, $4
3) NYDJ sleeveless blouse in abstract print, ebay, $13
4) Misook open front black cardigan, ebay, $29
5) Dansko Randa sandals, ShoeBuy, on sale for $50

Total = $121

I had $275 left for the quarter last month so now I’ve got $154 left for June.

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P.S. happy Memorial Day. 

march 2016 budget

It’s that time of the month again, friends. Time to come clean about what I bought this month. I don’t know why, but I’ve been really feeling lace-y flow-y outer-garments this month. I also did some shopping in California while I was on vacation visiting my mom.

March 2016 fashion budget

Here’s what I got:

1) Bionica Sirus wedges, local boutique in Bakersfield, CA – $130 {exact shoes here}
2) Johnny Was open front lace cardigan / flowy crochet jacket, local boutique  Р$100 on sale {similar here}
3) Lost River Clothing Company Popcorn Poncho, local boutique Р$30 {exact here}
4) Kate Spade striped bow top, consignment credit
5) Banana Republic contrast tie-front blouse Рon sale for $27 {exact here}
6)¬†Banana Republic bird print popover blouse – on sale for $20 {exact is sold out but here’s a similar one}
7) Ethyl lace embroidered poncho top, local boutique – $50 {exact here}

Yikes. I’m scared to even tally all this up!

Now, I had $91 left over for the quarter, plus I had a check for $175 for selling stuff at the consignment shop…plus I have more money in my account that I can take out to pay for all of this stuff.

Total¬†is $357 minus $91 minus $175 and that leaves me with $91 over budget. I can use up $91 of my consignment credit and so I come in without having gone over budget. I know it’s a little bit of fuzzy math but I guess it works because I am selling stuff consistently at the consignment store. But HOLY MOLY did I spend a lot this month.

This month, I start with another $375 to spend for the quarter. And I think I’ve got enough tops and work pants but I’m looking for a nice maxi dress, maxi skirt, and I never did find my ballet flats.

Now it’s your turn to spill the beans: how did YOU do this month?

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july 2015 budget

Wow, I can’t believe it’s August already, y’all. Time to confess: July was a big shopping month for me. I really needed a new tote to haul all my work stuff and laptop, and I needed a pair of casual sneaker type shoes for the weekends. And then I ended up with a few other things, oops.

Here’s what I got this month:

  1. Durham Bulls jersey tank, $30
  2. Rough and Tumble tote, $50 [available here]
  3. Rockport Rock On Air Comfort Slip-On Flat, $52 from Amazon [still available]
  4. Talbots lemon print tee, thrifted $1.49
  5. Turquoise tunic tank, gift from my mom
  6. Grey tunic, from local boutique $26
  7. New York & Company black and white jumpsuit, $20 from Clothes Mentor
  8. Michael Michael Kors tank, thrifted $1.49
  9. Moschino I love 70s watch, thrifted $1.99 [sadly it doesn’t keep time, even after a new battery]
  10. Cable necklace/bracelet, thrifted $3.00
  11. Turquoise & metal bracelet, used consignment credit
  12. Magnifier necklace, thrifted $5.00
  13. Vintage whistle necklace, thrifted $4.00
  14. Vintage turquoise & sterling silver necklace, vintage jewelry store $40

-$106 from blog income
TOTAL = $127.47
july 2015 budget
july 2015 budget

Well, I guess considering, I didn’t go too far off my $100 monthly budget, plus I got lots of nice items.

Now it’s YOUR turn to spill the beans…how did you do this month?

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