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February 2014 Fashion Budget

Alright friends, I have to admit something. February was a bad month. I went way over my $100 budget. Without making excuses, I’d like to explain some things that made this overspending possible. First of all, it was a stressful month. When I’m stressed, I like to shop (yeah, it’s a bad habit, I know). Secondly, my mom is in town and I use thrifting as an activity we can do together – we have so much fun. And lastly, because hubby and I are trying intermittent fasting and weekends tend to be almost meal-free, I’ve been using thrifting to keep my mind off hunger. So there, I’ve laid out all my reasons/excuses on the table.

Now to the list. Here’s what I bought this month…

The North Face shell, $37
J. Crew denim jacket, $13
Misook dress & leopard belt $4 after consignment credit

Gold belt, $1.39
Ugly celestial sweater, $4.59
Purple dip dye open cardigan, $4.59
Gap striped dress 4.59
Jones New York striped sweatshirt 4.59
Under armour cropped pants 3.39
White Karen Kane jeans 3.39
Mossimo grey/black dress 4.59
Mossimo skinny jeans NWT $3.39
Denizen jeggings NWT $3.39
Tweed Capelet $4.59
Nine west green flats $3.39 (Not Pictured – I am going to try and consign these, they are SO uncomfortable)
Classiques entiers tweed jacket $7
J crew long sleeve tee navy $3
Striped rugby tunic, $5.25
Striped blouse with back zipper $2.25 (not pictured)
Coach leatherware briefcase $35
Navy ruffle tee $3.39
Navy silk Lafayette148 blouse $3.39
Fila athletic top $3.39
Chaus pink polka dot shirt $3.39
Black belt $1.39

Seychelles booties, pipelime clearance $18
J crew polka dot shirt $37 (factory store; here I think)

Clothes Mentor:
J crew polka dot blouse $12.50
Lands end small dot button up $10
Chicos long cardigan $15.50

TOTAL=$263.72 (-$10 from selling clothes)=$253.72 $313.72

UPDATE: Oh my, I TOTALLY forgot that I bought these shoes for my new job. I don’t even want to admit that this adds another $60 to my budget. UGH. 

That amount is SO much more than I usually spend but I did end with with 31 items including a nice Coach briefcase/laptop bag for my new job and a much-needed waterproof/windproof North Face shell.

There’s really nothing much I can do right now other than try and do better in March. Also, I’m donating and consigning a bunch of clothes that I just don’t wear anymore. Buying so many items each month means that I’m quickly running out of space.

Anyway, how was your February budget?


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warm weather again!?

The weather here in NC is back to being its temperamental self so we go from chilly to warm and sunny in the mid 70s in the same week. So I took advantage of this and wore a few of my summery dresses that were neglected earlier this year.

I also wore a jacket with my dress so that when the weather warmed up in the afternoon, I could shed a layer easily! And here are my JustFab booties again, they’ve been getting so much wear lately!

IMG_1946 IMG_1944 IMG_1940 IMG_1939Hope everyone’s having a great day! Are you all ready for Halloween tomorrow?! Today was our work Halloween costume contest so I came in full garb (photos tomorrow for Thrift Style Thursday!).


Outfit Details:
Dress: AGB floral print sheath dress, salvation army store $4
Jacket: William Rast for Target, thrifted $4.59 (goodwill)
Necklace: Ann Taylor, consignment store $0
Shoes: JustFab Remington bootie, join HERE

florals in the fall

Like many of you, I hate the idea of not wearing bright colors or summery florals during colder months.

Who says you can’t? Just add tights, leggings, a jacket, a scarf, or just boots for a fall twist on your favorite warm weather frocks. North Carolina has a very mild fall / winter so I like to wear some of my clothes throughout the year.

IMG_1913 IMG_1914 IMG_1915  IMG_1918 IMG_1919

I couldn’t resist another picture of my sweet orange tabby cat, Ulysses 🙂


Outfit Details:
Dress: New York & Company dress, consignment store ($0 with consignor credit)
Belt: Brighton belt, thrifted $2
Shoes: JustFab Remington bootie
Bangle: Thrifted, $2
Necklace: Ann Taylor necklace, consignment store ($0 with consignor credit)

black + blue

Fall is FINALLY upon us in NC and I couldn’t be more glad. I wore outfit this the other day. Nothing too exciting, but comfy and easy. I am a fan of black and blue.

Check out my brand new boots – they were a hand-me-down from a family friend who bought them and never used them so SCORE for me! AND the shirt is new too, I picked it up at a consignment store and with my consignors credit, it was free!

black + blue OOTD black + blue OOTD black + blue OOTD

I hope you’re all having a good week so far! I am going to be visiting LA starting Friday for a few days and I’ll be back to blogging when I get back.

Outfit Details:
Top: Express chiffon blouse, consignment store $0 (paid with credit)
Tank: really old
Pants: Forever21+ skinny jeans, old
Boots: Privo boots, hand me down, $0
Necklace: Ann Taylor, consignment store $0 (paid with credit)
Bag: Vintage Coach Willis, thrifted $26
Bangles: all thrifted for about $5

here I am…with my cat

I had no idea what to title this post.

Here I am again. Wearing Clothes. And here’s my little cat Ulysses again, photobombing.

PS. I like green. Also, I love blazers/jackets.


I hope you all are having a great HUMP DAY!

Outfit Details:
Top: Annalee + Hope lime green/grey blouse, consignment store for $10
Jacket: Green open jacket, thrifted $4.59
Pants: David Kahn super stretch skinnies, ideeli clearance from a while ago
Bag: Vintage Coach bag, thrifted $26 [i’ve been wearing the HELL out of it :)]
Necklace: Jewelming Scene Stealer, join here
Shoes: Lands End ballet flats, thrifted $5