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in the dressing room: Talbots

Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket
I'm trying on the Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket
Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket
Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket

I just had to stop by Talbots yesterday when I heard that a certain Talbots Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket was going on 50% off sale.

As I had been watching this beautiful jacket and even blogged about it earlier, I just could not control myself from “visiting” it at the store.

I tried the jacket in size 14 petite, 14 regular, and 12 regular. I think the 14 regular fit most comfortably. The petite was too short (I’m about 5’3.5″ but with short legs and an average torso). The size 12 fit too but was slightly tight around the bust.

Belle flower full skirt
I'm trying on the Talbots Belle flower full skirt

I really like this jacket but I’m not sure about the price – $94. Is that too much to pay for a good quality structured jacket? I just love its vintage inspired feel and the fabric is a thick knit cotton, which felt high quality. Any opinions here are appreciated!

I also tried on the Belle Flower Full Skirt while I was visiting Talbots. I had also been eying this gorgeous floral skirt and it was on sale for ~$43 which wasn’t a terribly bad price.

Once on, my love for the skirt faded quickly. On the model, the skirt appears full and drapes attractively on her figure. On me, the skirt was very blah – it had no fullness and it was just hanging on me like a coat hangs sloppily on a coat tree.

Lafayette - Sandpaper Kisses
Lafayette - Purveyor of Sandpaper Kisses

It might have looked slightly better if I actually tried on the petite version of the skirt, wore heels, and took off my black tights, but not all that much. Good, the last think I need right now is to spend more money on clothes. I have to draw the line somewhere, right? 🙂

But the spring jacket still haunts my dreams. I’d like some of my friends’ opinions regarding whether it’s worth the money, looks good, etc. So don’t hold back!

And for good measure, I’m throwing in a picture of Lafayette (Laffy) the tuxedo cat, official mascot of Sandpaper Kisses Blog.