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product review: high pheels

High Pheels - Newspaper Print
High Pheels – Newspaper Print
High Pheels - Newspaper Print
Before and After High Pheels
High Pheels - Newspaper Print
Could use a little more fabric on the side
High Pheels - Newspaper Print
High Pheels – Newspaper Print
High Pheels - Newspaper Print
The Pheels are cute but cause the sides of the shoes to push down + bubble
High Pheels - Newspaper Print
High Pheels – Newspaper Print

Ever wanted to change up your heels without buying a whole new pair? Me too. That’s why I was excited to try High Pheels when I was approached by one of the company founders. He was very nice and open to ideas and recommendations.

The idea behind High Pheels (pronounced Peels) is that you can take one pair of platform pumps and change them up with these multi-colors, multi-print shoe covers.

I liked the newsprint pattern, and I LOVED the idea so I though I’d give it a try. here are some of my opinions on High Pheels:

-inexpensive way to chance up your heels ($19.99/pair)
-many different colors and prints
-easy to use
-hand washable
-can make the inside of your shoes more comfortable

-didn’t fit my heels perfectly
-might not be great for wide feet
-only works with platform pumps (I only have 1 pair that meet this criterion)

My Recommendations:
-I’d like to see more prints such as nautical stripes, large polka dots, small polka dots, and others
-I’d like to see add-ons such as bows and flowers
-I’d like the High Pheels to fit my shoe better by having more black fabric and more side fabric.
-I’d possibly like the fabric to be more opaque

The Bottom Line on High Pheels:
-Anthony from High Pheels mentioned they are working on a proprietary pump that would fit the High Pheels perfectly, which makes me more likely to recommend their product since you’d have a guarantee that they would fit
-worth a try if you have narrow, small feet. Even though they sent me the size that should have fit my feet, the High Pheels seemed too tight and narrow.
-I wasn’t able to get them to work on my pumps but a) I only have 1 pair that would work with the Pheels and b) I have wide, large feet
-I really like the idea of High Pheels!

***I received a complimentary pair of High Pheels but all opinions are my own. Other than the complimentary product, I was not compensated for this post.


manic monday shoe find

i love these heels. too bad I need another pair of heels like i need the plague. or a hole in the head (as they say).

BUT THEY’RE ON SALE! No, Nout, NO. Step awayyyyy……

Shoemint Bianca Red Ikat
Shoemint Bianca Red Ikat || on sale for $59.99

Drool worthy?


I wanted to share with you all some more of my favorite current shoes from Sole Society. Let me know what you think of them!

I am always thinking about shoes. I am always coveting new shoes even though I already have too many. I guess no matter how hard they try, people just don’t change.

Love the bow and the lovely teal/turquoise/emerald color on Kaylie:

Kaylie in Emerald
Kaylie in Emerald – $60

I’m loving the color and the sleek, modern silhouette:

Rory in Mint Gold
Rory in Mint Gold – $50

Not much of a heel can be a good thing! Along with an adorable and feminine bow detail and awesome red patent material!

Carlee in Lipstick Red
Carlee in Lipstick Red – $50

I wasn’t sure about Annalise at first but the color and the rich looking suede convinced me.

Annalise in Emerald and Gold
Annalise in Emerald and Gold – $60

Margie is patent, t-strap, edgy, and comes in interesting colors such as citrine and red. Lovely!

Margie in Citrine
Margie in Citrine – $50

A classic Mary Jane but more modern and with 2 different materials and a high heel. Lovely!

Madeline mary jane in red
Madeline mary jane in red – $50

VERY MUCH looking forward to getting my BRIE pumps today! I’ll let y’all know how they work out!

If you’re not a member or have never ordered from Sole Society, please use my invite link to join! I will love you forever!

Shoe love

I am loving these Lauren Conrad platform High Heels. They’re beige/nude and peep toe and sling backs AND patent leather (faux), which I love! A little edgy with a couple of studs but with an undeniable femininity…plus for under $40! Not bad!

Lauren Conrad PeepToe with Bow
Lauren Conrad PeepToe with Bow

What do you think?

justfab: new iron fist … drool!

I am loving the new Iron Fist shoes, especially Sweets for my Sweet (I LOVE cupcakes) and Lounge Days (I love polka dots, bows, and ankle straps!). And at $39.95 each or under, they’re not a bad price either!

New to JustFab? Please click image to join using my link!
New to JustFab? Please click image (above) to join using my link!

What do you think?