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March 2014 fashion budget

It’s that time of the month again…time to come clean about what I’ve spent on clothes, shoes, etc 🙂 For the first time this year, I feel confident that I stayed around my budget and didn’t completely blow it. Let’s see how I did this month:

1. vintage Coach crossbody purse, Goodwill $1.99
2. Old Navy military-inspired jacket, Goodwill $6
3. BCBG flowy tee, Goodwill $3.39
4. Peter Pilloto for Target tank in red iris print, Target clearance $12.48

thredup polka dot box
thred up box

I also made my first purchase with ThredUp and I can say that I am quite pleased. Although I did shop with a 40% off your entire order coupon, which made the prices much more digestible. Here’s what I got from ThredUp:

5. Eileen Fisher Dress Pants, $25.99 (plus 40% off)
6. Classiques Entier yellow tweed blazer, $14.99 (plus 40% off)
7. Karen Kane black tank, $4.99 (plus 40% off)
8. Chaus jacquard jacket, $8.99 (plus 40% off)
9. Sunny Leigh polka dot flowy blouse, $15.49 (plus 40% off)

Try ThredUp too and get $10 off your order! Please use my referral link!

And of course my new polka dot rain boots, which are super comfortable!
10. Sloggers polka dot rain boots, Amazon $37.44

sloggers polka dot rain boots

TOTAL spent in March =$103.57 … not too bad I guess;)

How did you do this month?


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stripes + rain boots

The forecast for today promised to be rainy (and maybe even freezing rain or snow) so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to wear my new rain boots to work. Too bad it only rained a tiny bit, and by the time I left the office, it had already stopped. So even though I didn’t get a chance to test the boots’ waterproof properties in action, I had fun wearing my new polka dot rain boots!

Sloggers polka dot rain boots Sloggers polka dot rain boots Sloggers polka dot rain boots

By the way, the story about rain boots is this: I had a pair from wal-mart that I bought when I was in college (many moons ago). They sat in my closet, unworn, for many years. Mostly they were uncomfortbale but also because a chance hadn’t arose where I needed to wear them, so off to the donation pile they went. Fast forward to this winter, where it’s been colder, snowier, and wetter than I can remember, and I wished I hadn’t donated my old boots.

I decided I wanted a nice pair of rain boots, something affordable yet still made in the USA. I’m glad I found the brand Sloggers (purchased from Amazon) – they come in a variety of colors and are American made. I’ve only worn them once (sized up a size per the reviews and they’re a tiny bit loose but better than tight and uncomfortable like the old ones) but they seem very comfortable.

Anyway, that’s it about the rain boots – hope you all had a great tuesday:)

Outfit deets:
Sweater/Sweatshirt: Jones New York Sport striped top, thrifted $3.39
Shirt: Chambray, thrifted $3.39
Necklace: Jane.com, $12ish
Jeans: Denizen leggings, thrifted $3.39
Socks: Marshalls, $5
Boots: Sloggers polka dot rain boots, Amazon $37.44