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Lazy sunday

Quick note: Melinda Maria Jewelry is having a sale – up to 65% off select items. This is kind of a big deal because unfortunately, MM has not been having regular sales and coupons like she used to (sadly the Moon + Star necklace is not on sale but a lot of other cool stuff is. Check it out here).


Today is supposed to be day 7 of midsummer madness (dressember) but it was another scorching day and I spent the entire day being lazy, doing a couple of small chores, and painting my nails. So, there was no dress today, just lounge clothes.

I decided to try out a festive and fun summer manicure that I saw on a fellow bloggger’s nails that would also make use of my new Ulta finger nail polish colors.

here are some silly instagram photos I took:20120701-183220.jpg




What I’m wearing (Ulta polishes are reg. $6 ea but I got them during buy one get one free promo):

  • Ulta basecoat x 1 coat
  • Ulta Snow White x 1 coat on right hand and 2 coats on left hand (what can I say, I got tired of waiting)
  • Ulta Pinata-Yada-Yada multi-colored chunky glitter polish x 2 coats
  • Ulta topcoat x 1 coat

What I think so far:

I love the Ulta basecoat and topcoats. I think for the price, you can’t really beat them. Plus the topcoat dries really quickly, which is awesome. The white nail polish (Snow White) gives you good coverage but it’s slightly thick which makes it slow to dry and harder to brush on the nail. So far I really love the Pinata-Yada-Yada glitter polish. It’s easy to brush on and dries quickly plus it has larger glitter pieces and smaller ones. That being said, only time will tell how long these new polishes last:)

Hope everyone had a great weekend:)


Sale alert: Ulta polishes are all on sale for $2 each!! check ’em out here.


Midsummer Madness (dressember) day 6 + other stuff

Day 6 of dressmeber midsummer madness has been record-breakingly hot (106 degrees as the high). I spent most of the day just hanging around the house in this cute Tart Collections navy halter dress. I found it a few weeks ago at TJ Maxx and my mom was sweet enough to get it for me (it was on clearance, too)! It’s casual but super comfortable and makes a perfect summer dress.

midsummer madness (dressmeber) day 6 dress
midsummer madness (dressmeber) day 6 dress

Later on in the day, my mom and I headed to the mall to cool off and I ran into this GORGEOUS necklace at J Crew. This bubble necklace is super awesome but SUPER EXPENSIVE. I cannot imagine ever paying $150 for a piece of costume jewelry.


J Crew Bubble Necklace
J Crew Bubble Necklace

But being the bargain shopper that I am, I had already been watching this very same necklace on ebay (I really had no idea it was $150…AH!) and I have found a multitude of them for under $20; some are even under $15 with free shipping. They ship from China but I think it would be work the wait. The Bubble necklace at J Crew is made in China too, I checked the tag.

Here is one of my favorite Bubble necklace look-a-likes. You can find them in a rainbow of colors but the apple green is awesome!

STEAL under $15

J Crew Bubble Necklace STEAL for under $15
J Crew Bubble Necklace look-a-like

Mom and I then headed to Ulta to get me a new bottle of nail polish (don’t worry, I’ll show you later). While there, I remarked at how amazingly well my week old Ulta nail polish has lasted and not chipped hardly at all! I’m very impressed with Ulta polishes and their price is GREAT!

My manicure from last week, still looking great (and instagram-ed):


I hope all of you are staying cool and having a great weekend so far!

nail polish weekend

This weekend has definitely been about nail polish. I’ve always liked nail polish but my lovely mom has rekindled my love for nail polish with her recent polish fascination.

We went to Nordstrom because my mom wanted to check out the butter london polish selection so she could pick out a new color [I will have to show you these later, they’re pretty awesome]. We tried several butter colors as well as several Deborah Lippmann colors. I had heard about Deborah Lippmann nail polish from reading nail polish blogs, but until I tried the colors, I had no idea how awesome they were! Here is a [bad] picture of a few cool new colors and my cat in the background;-)

trying on nail polish

[From L to R – butter london rosie lee, deborah lippmann ray of light, deborah lippmann mermaid’s dream]

I also learned a GREAT way to remove glitter nail polish that I read while browsing the interwebs. We all know how hard glitter polish it to remove and this handy tip makes it easy to remove and much more likely that you’ll wear glitter polish.

How to easily remove glitter nail polish:

  • Soak a cotton ball with your nail polish remover (not dripping, just enough to wet the ball)
  • Place cotton ball on nail with glitter nail polish
  • wrap a small piece of foil around the nail and cottonball; make sure the foil is wrapped tightly around your finger, but not too tight
  • leave for about 5 minutes
  • when you ‘unwrap’ the foil, the glitter polish will either be gone or all you have to do is swipe it a couple of times with the cottonball soaked with polish remover  and the glitter will be gone!
  • note: I did one nail at a time so I wouldn’t have to use too much foil but you could do more than one finger at once.
foil glitter nail polish removal method
foil glitter nail polish removal method

Lastly, after I removed all the “tester” colors, I decided to try a manicure that I have been seeing around the blogosphere… check it out.

I really liked the look of a one color manicure except for the ring fingers, which have a different color or glitter nail polish. I’ve really LOVED my Ulta nail polishes so I decided to go with Ulta with a little bit of China Glaze glitter.

What I used:

  • Ulta basecoat (1 coat)
  • Ulta “Heir head” glossy Barbie pink polish (2 coats)
  • Ulta topcoat (1 coat)
  • The glitter finger features China Glaze Blonde Bombshell gold glitter polish (1 coat)

Tell me about your latest polish experiments! Any new brands or colors or styles you’ve tried? What do you think of this nail polish trend?

new fondness for nail polish & quick review

Update: the china glaze polish began to chip after only 2 days if wear. Looking at online reviews confirmed this. Too bad:-( I still love the color but will need to keep in min the constant need for touch ups if I wear it.

For some reason the last couple of weeks have found me more and more interested in nail polish. I usually always have my toes painted but never really painted my finger nails. Mainly because I’m lazy and constantly dealing with cracking, chipping, painting, repainting, etc. get annoying after a while. But…

I got a serious hankering for this bright neon purple colored nail polish which I had a really hard time finding. I ended up with Flying Dragon (neon) from China Glaze. It’s a really beautiful bright purple with blue and pink glitter flecks. What’s weird is that when this nail polish dried, it dried matte (see 2nd picture). I find this very unusual but just rolled with it by applying a layer of clear, shiny topcoat (see 1st picture below).

All in all, it’s a beautiful color. I can’t speak of China Glaze’s staying power or resistance to chips, but I’m liking it so far. I used the ULTA basecoat followed by 2 coats of the Flying Dragon, then 1 coat of the ULTA clear topcoat. In the pictures the color appears more pink but I think it’s actually more purple. Another note is that I found China Glaze to dry quite quickly.

If you like Flying Dragon (neon), you can pick it up at many retailers but I bought mine at Sally Beauty Supply for about $5.

China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) Nailpolish
China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) Nail Polish with ULTA top coat
China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) Nail Polish
China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) Nail Polish - Matte Finish

I’d also like to recommend ULTA brand polishes, I picked up 2 colors, 1 clear topcoat, and 1 basecoat during their buy 2 get 2 promotion and I’m pleased with the results. When applied nicely and in 2-3 even coats on top of a basecoat, the ULTA nail polishes lasted about a week on my finger nails. They also dried fairly quickly, but I did notice that they’re difficult to apply in thin layers because the polish seemed thicker than China Glaze.

My Nail Polish Collection
My Nail Polish Collection: pinks, red, purples, and top/base coats from ULTA, Sally Hensen, Maybelline, OPI, Lancome, Sally Beauty Supply, China Glaze

Tips to avoid bubbles in your nail polish:

•If you use a basecoat or topcoat, make sure it’s completely dry before you apply the next layer
•Don’t shake your nail polish bottles, roll them between your palms instead
•Don’t paint thick layers; thinner layers of polish are less likely to bubble
•Make sure each layer of polish is completely dry before applying the next one
•Use a small desk fan to help dry your polish; you can hold your fingers under the stream of air blowing

Any new nail polish colors you’re coveting this season? I think my next polish color might be grey…